What To Expect When Fishing Under A Full Moon

Fishermen are constantly looking for ways to land more fish. This has led some people to believe that the time of the monththat you fish can have a big impact on the number of fish that you will catch. In some cases, they might time all their trips around the moon phase. 

Striped bass caught at night on a full Moon

So, is fishing during a full moon good? The cycle of the moon can have a big impact on natural forces, like the tide. This can also impact on the way that fish are reacting to the bait. Because of this, in theory, fishing during a full moon should give you the best chance of landing a fish. There are some species where these impacts will be noticeable. These include; salmon, marlin, trout, and Atlantic swordfish. 

The way the fish react to the moon phase can also depend on your area. For example, some fish might head to deeper waters, because of the moon’s more powerful glow. You might also want to think about the time that the moon will be rising and setting, as these times tend to cause an increase in fish activity.  While these can be useful tools, there are other factors, like the barometric pressure and temperature, which can impact on whether you are able to land a fish.

There’s more to landing a fish than just knowing what type of moon phase cycle you’re currently in. Let’s take a closer look at how the moon phase impacts fishing. 

How Does a Full Moon Affect the Fish? 

Fishing during a full moon will often make the fish more active. Because of the full moon, the tidal influences will be higher. This can increase the water level at high tide, and make the fish more active.

The moon can exert a huge influence on the natural waterways. You can observe these effects even in smaller bodies of water. Because of this, many fishermen take note of the phase of the moon and try to learn how it will impact on their local waterways. 

There are a few key factors that the phase of the moon will be able to influence. First, the full moon is associated with stronger tides. This can mean that the high tide will cause the water level to rise dramatically. This occurs because the moon is having a stronger gravitational influence on the Earth. 

The tides will tend to change by 50 minutes each day. This is because it takes the moon 24 hours and 50 minutes to rotate around the planet. For example, if high tide wat at 5 o’clock today, it will be at 5:50 tomorrow. This can be useful to help you plan your fishing trips. 

Because of the stronger tides, the fish will be more active. During this period, they will be looking for food. Because of this, you’ll have a better chance of getting a bite and landing a fish. 

Another important impact of fishing on a full moon is that the moon will be brighterWhat impact this will have on the fish will vary. For example, if you’re targeting a fish that sleeps during the day, the bright moon might make them less active. On the other hand, if the fish is active during the day, the full moon might extend the bite. 

The moon phase will also have an impact on the way that the baitfish will react. This is because the stronger currents will change the way that the nutrients along the bottom of the ocean. When the current is stronger, these fish will be more active, this encourages bigger fish to increase their activity. 

What Fish Are Most Active Around The Full Moon? 

Each species will be impacted differently by the full moon. For some of the bigger predators, they tend to be more active around the full moon. This is most common amongst species like marlin, salmon, and Atlantic swordfish. 

There are some species of fish that will be more influenced by the power of the full moon than others. There are a few common reasons why they might become more active during these periods. 

First, some fish might use the moon cycles to determine when it’s time to breed. This is the case for the salmon and trout. During the period of the full moon, they spawn. Because of this, they tend to be extremely active during these times, giving you a great chance of being able to land one. 

Another common way for the tides to affect the fish populations is by changing the way that baitfish react. The stronger tidal flows can change the way that they behave. Because of this, some bigger fish might take the opportunity to hunt them more aggressively. This can be the case with the marlin and Atlantic swordfish. 

For some fish, the brighter moon can also be a big benefit. This can make it easier for them to spot their prey. This might also change behavior, making them more likely to eat during the full moon period. 

It should be noted that the way that each fish species will react slightly differently to the full moon. For example, there are some species who will have a stronger catch rate in the days before and after the full moon, while you will struggle to catch a bite on the day of the full moon. For others, you might only see the impacts on the day of the full moon. 

Because of this, it’s recommended that you experiment to see how the fish in your area will react to the full moon. This will give you the best chance of success. 

The author Darren Enns and his son Sheldon with some stripers caught at night

What Other Moon Phases Affect Fishing? 

While the full moon is the most well-known phase, there are a few other moon phases that might affect your ability to catch. The new moon might also impact on tides, making them more powerful. It’s also one of the darkest periods. The period of the moon might also impact on how bright it will be. 

When fishing, there are two moon phases that you will have the biggest impact on the way that the fish act. These are the full moon and the new moon. These will both have an impact on the tides and will bring changes in the lighting conditions. 

While the full moon is responsible for the highest tides, the new moon is responsible for low tides. This phase can also have a powerful impact on fish behavior. In some cases, the new moon might increase fish activity, giving you a better chance of getting one to bite. 

The new moon is associated with very dark nights. For some fish, this can be the perfect time to hunt. For example, fish like the tuna tend to be most active when fishing during the day after a new moon and they will be more sedentary at night. 

During the new moon, it’s possible that they might be more active during the day, as they are finding it harder to find prey at night. If you do intend to fish at night during a new moon, make sure that you are using live bait or a vibrating lure. The movement in the water will help attract the fish. 

There is a range of moon phases that occur between the full moon and the new moon. This waxing and the waning cycle will often impact on the amount of light when fishing at night. However, apart from this, there tends to be a limited impact on fish behavior. 

This helpful chart can make it easier to identify the different moon phases. 

How Can a Fishing Journal Help You Catch More Fish?

A fishing journal is a place for you to record your insights into fish behavior in your local area. When used properly, this tool can let you predict when the fish will be more likely to bite. As a result, you’ll become a more successful fisherman. 

One of the best ways for you to improve your fishing is by starting a fishing journal. This is a place for you to record the conditions on the day of your trip and the type of fishing action that you encountered. 

There are a few distinct benefits to doing this. First, it will help you understand the type of fish that are in your local area and the types of things that they react to. This can make it easier for you to tailor your approach. For example, it can help inform the type of bait that you want to use. 

Your fishing journal can also give you a better understanding of what type of conditions will deliver the best fish. For example, the fish in your local area might be most active in the days leading up to a full moon. 

Finally, writing a journal after each trip will give you a chance to reflect on the trip. This will give you some ideas about how you might be able to improve in the future. 

How Important is the Full Moon When Fishing?

While the moon phase can be a useful way to predict fish activity, it isn’t the only factor that determines how likely you will be to catch. At most times of the day, you’ll be able to catch a fish. 

How you should use the moon phase will depend on personal preferences. For example, some fishermen will swear that this is the most important factor that determines whether they’ll catch, basing their whole strategy around the moon phase. Others will tell you to ignore it entirely. 

In reality, neither of these approaches is a good idea. It’s recommended that you research the moon phase before your trip. This might inform which type of tactics you want to use. For example, if it’s a full moon, you might want to try to use a clear line, as the fish will be able to see more easilyunder the water. It might also help you find which species you want to target. 

It’s important to remember that, despite the moon phase, you’ll be able to catch a fish at any time

How to Fish During a Full Moon? 

When fishing during a full moon, it’s best to consider the species that you want to target and how they might be affected by the full moon. This can inform the type of bait you use and the depth at which you set it. 

There are many ways that you will be able to capitalize on the full moon to catch a fish. The techniques you use will need to depend on the type of fish that you are trying to land. 

In some cases, the fish might not like the brightness of the moon. As a result, they might head into the deeper waters. When this happens, you’ll need to make sure that you’ve set your bait lower, to compensate. 

In most cases, the fish will still be attracted to the type of bait that they usually eat. However, you might want to experiment with a few different options, to find the ones that work best in your local area.

Remember during a full mood, the fish will be able to see more clearly under the water. For this reason, a vibrating lure or live fish might be more effective. This is more lifelike and will have a better chance of delivering a bite. You might also want to consider using a lighter line, as this won’t be as noticeable. 

Is Fishing During a Full Moon Safe?

During a full moon, they’ll be a more pronounced impact on tidal activity. As a result, this can make it more dangerous to fish in rocky areas, as the water might rise more rapidly. If on a boat, be prepared for stronger tides. 

Because the full moon can have a big impact on the power and speed of the tide, you’ll need to make sure that you stay safe. There are a few ways that you will be able to do this. 

If you’re fishing from the shore you want to try to avoid rocky areas or places that don’t have a nearby exit point. During a full moon, the tide will come in more rapidly. In some cases, this can leave you trapped. If this happens, you might be in a lot of danger. 

If you’re on a boat, you’ll need to make sure that you are taking into account the stronger currents. Because of this, you should spend a little extra time making sure that you’ve anchored properly. You don’t want to accidentally cause the boat to drift into dangerous territory. 

You might also want to think about the type of weather conditions that you will be facing during the trip. As an example, there might be times when it’s expected to have rough waves or driving rain. If it’s too dangerous, it’s best to stay at home and wait for the weather to clear up. 

Is it Best to Fish During the Day or at Night During a Full Moon?

Whether you’ll have better results fishing during the day or at night will depend on the type of fish that you are targeting, as both approaches have pros and cons. In general, though, the fish tend to be more active at night. 

When deciding what times to fish, you might want to think about the type of specie that you want to target. This will tell you the times of day and water conditions that they tend to be most active in. Your fishing journal can often help you find this information. 

The different times of the day will each bring their own set of pros and cons. For example, sunrise and sunset tend to be the best times for fish activity. This tends to be the time where the fish are changing between different ocean depths. 

In warmer weather, most fish will stick to the deeper areas, where it’s cooler. As it starts to warm up, they might head closer to the surface. As a result, you can use the temperature to help you decide where to set your bait.

There are a few reasons to fish during the day. For example, this tends to be one of the most convenient times to fish. It might also be the preferred time for some species to hunt, giving you a good chance of hooking them. You will also be able to see what you’re doing, as the sun will be shining overhead. 

However, many species of fish might be more dormant during the day, only coming to life at night. Because of this, you might have a better chance of one during the nocturnal hours. Fishing at night can also bring a few other benefits. For example, there won’t be as many other people about, so you won’t have as much competition to contend with. 

If you’re planning on fishing at night, you’ll need to make sure that you take a few extra safety precautions. For example, you’ll need to make sure that your boat has been well lit. 

What Other Weather Conditions Impact Fish Activity? 

The moon phase isn’t the only factor that can influence how likely the fish are to bite. You should also consider whether there’s going to be high or low pressure. It can also help to think about the heat and the water conditions. 

The moon phase can be an interesting factor that affects how much fish activity you’ll be able to achieve. However, it’s not the only thing that will impact whether you’re able to land a fish. In this area, you might want to consider a few other weather conditions. 

First, you can think about whether you can expect a high or low system. These barometric pressures might impact on the way that the fish are behaving. It’s common to find that a lowpressure system will give you a better chance of landing a fish. If it starts to rain, you might have an even higher chance of landing a fish.  

As we mentioned earlier, the heat can also impact on the type of fish that you’ll be able to land. On hotter days, they tend to drop down deeper. However, as the weather starts to grow colder, they tend to come closer to the surface. 

Finally, if you’re heading out on a boat, you might want to check the sea conditions. In this case, the swell might stir up nutrients on the ocean floor, making the fish more active. However, more importantly, the size of the waves can determine whether it will be safe for you to continue fishing. For most boats, anything over two meters is considered dangerous

How Does Moonrise and Moonset Impact Fishing

The times that the moon rises and sets might cause the fish to become more active. When combined with a full moon or new moon, these times will give you the best chance of landing a fish. 

It’s been well known that the time the sun rises and sets has a big impact on how active the fish will be. This is often the most active period of the day, where you’ll have the best chance of landing a fish. 

However, the times that the moon rises and sets might also have an impact on the way that the fish are behaving. These are the times where the gravitational effects of the moon will be at their strongest. As a result, these times signal when the low tide will be occurring.   

There are many different ways that you’ll use this information. For example, some fishermen can use this to plan the best times to leave on their trip. At low tide, it will often be hardest to launch your boat or return to the shore. As a result, you might want to make sure that you’ve left by moonrise and moonset. 

When used in conjunction with the sunset and sunrise information, this can give you the best times for fishing. As a general rule, 45 minutes before and after each of these points will bring the most activity, and tends to be the best times to have your line in the water. This effect will be particularly powerful when combined with a new moon or full moon. 

How Do I Know What Time Moonrise or Moonset is? 

There are many online apps that will tell you what time the moon is expected to rise or set. However, you should be aware that there are a few factors that will impact these times, like your altitude, position, and moon phase. 

Because of how important the moonrise and moonset are, it’s important that you understand how to calculate these times. In most cases, you’ll need to use an online calculator, to get an exact time when these astrological events will occur. When you do this, you’ll need to provide the latitude and longitude, as this will impact on the time that the moon will be appearing over your location. 

There are a few ways that you can get a rough estimate of when the moon will be expected to rise or fall. Most importantly, you’ll need to know what phase the moon is currently in. During the new moon period, the moon rises close to the time that the sun is rising. During a full moon, the moonrise occurs closer to the time that the sun is setting. 

You can use the below table to get a general idea of when the moon will be rising. 

Moon PhaseExpected Moonrise Time
New MoonNear Sunset
First Quarter MoonClose to Noon
Full MoonNear Sunrise
Last Quarter MoonNear Midnight

Like the tides, the moonrise and moonset will occur 50 minutes later each day.  This will allow you to calculate when they will be occurring tomorrow. In some cases, fishermen might want to set an alert for these times. This will ensure that you’ll be able to capitalize on the increased fish activity. 

Related Questions• Why do some fish not bite during the day in a full moon? Though there a few reasons why this might be occurring, it’s more likely because of the brightness of the moon. They will be more likely to feed during the night. As a result, they won’t be as hungry during the day. This can continue for a few days either side of the full moon.• Do fish bite better during high or low tide? For most species, they will be most active during the period where the tide is changing. This has the strongest currents. Generally, during the peak of high or low tide, the activity tends to drop off. You can use the moonrise and moonset times to determine when the peak of low tide will be reached.  

Final Thoughts

The moon phase can have a big impact on the tides. This, in turn, affects how active the fish will become. Generally, the full moon is associated with an increase in fish activity, giving you the best chance of landing one. However, the full moon isn’t the only thing that will impact on how likely you are to land a fish, you might want to consider the weather conditions and the time of day that you are having your trip. By doing all this, you’ll give yourself the best chance of catching.

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