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Fishing In Cold Weather | Stay Warm & Dry Fishing Rivers or Lakes

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What should I wear when fishing in cold weather?

First off. I’m gonna talk about layering. I’m going to talk all the way from boots, all the way head to toe about what you should wear and what I like to wear, and all of us pros out there like to use when we go out and try to fish every day.

A lot of times when you go out the best days of fishing that you have for these winter steelhead or some of the most brutal conditions imaginable so being prepared, having the right gear, will keep you on the river and keep you fishing effectively throughout the day.

Fishing is a popular pastime for many, but it can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if the proper gear is not worn. Cold weather gear is particularly important for those fishing in colder temperatures, as it can make a significant difference in terms of comfort and safety.

One of the most important pieces of cold weather gear for fishing is a good jacket. A jacket that is designed for cold weather will provide insulation and help to keep the body warm. It is also important to look for a jacket that is waterproof and windproof, as these elements can make a fishing trip extremely uncomfortable. In addition, a jacket with a hood can provide extra protection for the head and ears, which are particularly susceptible to cold temperatures.

Another essential piece of cold weather gear is a good pair of gloves. Fishing requires the use of hands, so it is important to keep them warm and protected. Look for gloves that are waterproof and have a good grip to make it easy to handle the fishing equipment.

Proper footwear is also crucial when fishing in cold weather. Boots that are waterproof and insulated will help to keep the feet warm and dry. Look for boots with good traction to provide stability on slippery surfaces, and consider using thermal socks for added warmth.

In addition to these items, it’s also important to dress in layers, as this will allow for better regulation of body temperature. Wearing a moisture-wicking base layer can help to keep the body dry and reduce the risk of hypothermia. A fleece or wool mid-layer will provide added insulation, and a windproof and waterproof outer layer will provide protection from the elements.

In conclusion, having the right cold weather gear while fishing is essential to make it more comfortable and enjoyable. Proper clothing and equipment can make the difference between a miserable and enjoyable fishing experience, and can also help to keep you safe in colder temperatures. So, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the weather and have the necessary gear to make your fishing trip as comfortable as possible.

What’s the best cold-weather fishing gear?

And keep you on the river first, we’re, going to talk about waders, I like to use Simms waders, the probably the highest quality product that you can find on the market. Right now definitely worth the price you can get them in three or four different models: g3 g4 and g4 Z and the g4 Z has a zipper, that goes up and down that allows easy access in and out of your waders g4s are really good.

Super heavy-duty really great feet. The biggest thing for me on the weightier system is the feet. The quality of the neoprene on the feet of those waders is really crucial because, as you do a lot of walking, if you do a lot of fishing or you wear your waders a lot, you’re gonna wear it through with cheaper Para waders over and over again and a super short amount of time, so it’s easier to just go out and spend the money and get a higher quality product like The Sims waders wading boots is very important.

You want to make sure to have studded boots there’s, a lot of different variations with those Simms boots where you can get felt with studs, or if that’s illegal. Where you live, you can use the rubber soles with studs, but those aluminum studs that they offer really help.

You keep good grip and keep you from breaking yourself on the river out there. While you’re going across the slippery rocks and, of course, the wet conditions that we’re, always going to see out here during winter steelhead season.

What Long Johns keep you warm?

So the way I always layer up underneath my waders really depends on how cold it’s. I love, love love these Sims leggings. They’re very nice. They’re very light and they’re very easy to move around and you’re, not getting a wedgie all day long, while you’re out there on the river.

fishing coat

What’s the best fly fishing cold-weather gear?

So I like these and then maybe a pair of sweats Sims, makes a couple different pairs of sweatpants and microfiber pants that are very nice again for mobility, allows you to stretch and walk and move around underneath your waders.

What socks should I buy for waders?

So you’re, not all clustered up all day long socks is very important if you’re, not gonna layer your socks. You want to definitely go with at least a pair of wool and a pair of synthetic. What the synthetic does is allows your feet to breathe and – and you know it shed that overheated nature so that your feet – aren’t condensating all day long and getting your feet wet, whether your waders leak or not, and then having those wool socks.

These will allow you to trap that warmth in and even if they do get wet will allow you to stay warm with your feet. While you’re wading through that cold water all day long, another super crucial part of the waders is wearing a wader belt. A lot of times during the winter we’re fishing places where the water flows are high, Swift and Very dangerous if you go into the river so having good high quality.

Do I need a wader belt?

Sims wader belt it’s, probably the most important part of your entire wardrobe. When you go on the river, you can be cold, you can be wet, but if you fall on the river and your and your waders fill up with water immediately, you’re gonna go down and you’re gonna stay On the bottom of the river forever – and none of us want to hear about that so be sure and always use those wader belts that are provided with your waders and if not even a normal belt

You have at home to keep those waders tight and keep that water from going down into your water system. If you fall in the river, so keep that in mind and be sure to keep that belt on going away from the waders we’re gonna move more into the layering aspect of staying warm out here.

I really really like to start with just a t-shirt: a base layer and either one of our addicted hoodies, which we have different models of which are very warm and comfortable, and also these microfiber fleece Sims jackets that they have that are available on their website.

But having those two to three to four base layers before your jacket is: what’s going to be key? You can always take them off. You can always put them back in your bag and you could keep putting layers on and off because as you’re going down the river, especially if you’re gonna be fishing in a boat.

What’s the best cold-weather fishing coat?

You’re, not going to be moving a lot, and I know I get miserable when I get cold and I like to be warm all day long. So, going away from that that, second, that third layer I like to use, I like to use this puffy coat, Sims makes them everybody makes them having that nice, artificial material and or a wool coat, that’ll.

Keep that body heat locked in underneath your waders. I always recommend wearing your three to four base layers under your waders. It’s. A big mistake I see people make is putting their base layers over their waders and allowing that heat to escape.

So wearing these two or three layers, if you go up that microfiber fleece, more of synthetic material and then a down jacket or some kind of wool jacket, it’s. It really really nice to keep you warm all day long.

So I’m gonna go from there up to the Hat I like to use, where these full cloth hats. Of course, we have a lot of addicted hats out there that have the trucker style with the mesh. In the back, I like to use these cloth hats you don’t have to be the hybrid.

We have tons of different models of these hats, but having that full cloth in that fully enclosed hat along with these beanies are addictive. Beanies. It’s super crucial in keeping that body heat trapped on you.

Fishing cold weather mask

Having that hood, having everything that’s, gonna cover up your entire head, your ears, and allow you to stay warm while you’re, getting beat down by the elements is gonna, be super crucial. So from there I’m gonna go over to the gloves.

What are the best gloves for fishing in cold weather?

These are probably the most important part. While we’re fishing, we’re using our hands. A lot having gloves is probably the most important aspect of being on the river in cold conditions. I see it every day.

People show up and they don’t have their gloves because they didn’t think they were gonna need them. Ten minutes in they’re miserable. So especially on your rod, hand, if you only bring gloves at least bring one.

So I like these simple gloves: they have these great little mesh grippers on there, for rowing and for holding onto fish that allows them to not have that slime pulled off of them by that wool material.

But these Simms gloves are fantastic on the river. Even on a sunny day, I don’t go without them, so they’re great. To have always have these on you. If anything, and and they’re gonna keep your hands warm and keep you fishing so from there.

The rain jacket is crucial, whether it’s raining, whether we have these clear, cold conditions like we have today or whether it’s, a downpour rain. You want to have as good of a rain jacket as you can.

What’s the best cold weather fishing jacket?

I have the Sims guy jacket there’s a lot of different guy jackets out there from Sims. They have the guide for the guide three a lot of different variations and styles. So it works out very nicely because you can kind of accent whatever you want to do as far as your style on the river.

So I like The Sims guy jacket. It’s an incredibly waterproof jacket. Now this jacket a couple of years old, even so, it’s, bagged and tattered, but I love it. It even is really nice on those days when it’s, not raining, and you want to just be out there and avoid the wind and anything else that helps trap, that layer in that layer of warmth.

In underneath your clothes and keep you to happy on the river all day long, so what I do see a lot of people do that’s. A big mistake, though, is wearing this jacket underneath their waders. What happens if it’s? Raining all that water goes down, your back goes right back in your waders and you end up soaked from head to toe by the end of the day.

So I always recommend wearing your waterproof jacket over your waders and all the rest of your layers and that’s, going to keep you dry all day long and you can stand out there in a torrential downpour and land.

That beautiful skill that we all love so so as we pull off these layers and add layers throughout the day, it’s, really really nice to have a bag like this. These must add dry bags that we have. These are wonderful because they go in the boat nicely, Oh or on the bank.

What fishing backpack should I get?

On your backpack there’s. A couple must add backpacks out there that are wonderful for this adaption. Being able to keep your layers dry when you take them off is crucial, because if you end up putting wet clothes back on nobody’s going to be happy so be sure to have a bag.

To put it all back in whether it be one of the sims bags or these must add dry bags and that’s, going to help you a lot. Alright, everybody! So there’s some tips on how I stay warm and stay on the river all day long throughout the winter.

It’s very important to use each one of these aspects because every day we go out there, we’re miserable it’s. Gon na ruin our time and we’re, not gonna be fishing as effectively and fishing is hard throughout the day.

If you’re, not warm and comfortable on the river if you guys like what you saw here today, be sure and comment below and most of all be sure and subscribe over here to this YouTube channel. So you can see more of these good videos coming out every day.

That meant to you guys more advanced anglers and makes everybody happy so be sure to like this video be sure to share it out there and again subscribe down here below stay fishy guys, and we ”ll see you out there in the river [ Music ]

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