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Alabama Fishing License – How To Get One

Here’s How To Get Your Alabama Fishing License.

Alabama is a state that is located deep in the heart of the Southeastern part of the United States, and until you have actually visited you don’t realize just how much it has to offer. You not only can experience good old fashioned country life, but you also can experience the history of urban areas such as Montgomery and Birmingham. Additionally, if you’re into fishing, Alabama also has a lot to offer. Here is some more information regarding how to engage your passion for fishing in this state: 

Requirements For Applying For Your Fishing License Online 

Nowadays, more and more individuals are applying for their fishing license online. Even older generations are enjoying the convenience of being able to do it without having to travel to an office. However, there is still some organization needed and there is some technological know-how required as well. First of all, you should contact the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (link here). You should note that their website is called Outdoor Alabama. They have useful information regarding the specific fishing locations within the state and the various catch-and-release policies that they encourage. Of course, if you are going to apply for an Alabama fishing license, you should be aware of some basic information. Consider some of the following: 

An Alabama fishing license is valid from September 1 until August 31 

The license will always expire on August 31 unless otherwise noted on the documentation 

Alabama fishing officials will determine your residency status based on your current driver’s license

It is good to understand this basic information, but there is a lot more to understand. 

Just How Does Alabama Determine Residency? 

If you are a first-time applicant for an Alabama fishing license, this is a good question. The State of Alabama has a very simple process for determining residency, but there are some variables that come into play. First of all, you should be aware that just because you have an Alabama driver’s license that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be considered a resident. If you have any other license from another state at the same time as your Alabama license, for all intensive purposes you are considered a non-resident. The good news is that there is at least one exclusion that you can consider. If you are currently in the military, the state of Alabama will waive the residency requirement, provided that you go to your local license commissioner, probate officer, marine office, authorized Outdoor Recreation Office, Wildlife & Freshwater Fisheries Montgomery Office and you will need to show them your orders of assignment to the state of Alabama or documentation that you are a military resident of this state. 

What About If I am a College Student? 

The State of Alabama will offer those ages 17-23 some special advantages if they are classified as a “Non-Resident College Student.” That is, they are in the state of Alabama specifically for pursuing their higher education goals. Of course, they have to be PHYSICALLY PRESENT in the state for this to work. They cannot just be participating in an online program at an Alabama college from an out-of-state location. 

Answer Your Application as Truthfully as Possible. 

Of course, whatever your situation might be, you need to answer your fishing license application as truthfully as possible. It is illegal for you to knowingly provide false information on the Alabama fishing license application, and you should be aware that this could cause you problems with getting a license in other state as well simply because Alabama is a member of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact .

What is the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact? 

If you are new to the sport of fishing, then you have probably never heard of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. Simply put, this designation means that Alabama has the right to recognize any illegal activity in another state and could deny you a fishing license based upon that. Alabama takes the integrity of their state very seriously. However, now that we have got that out of the way, you are probably wondering about some of the types of fishing licenses out there, such as the lifetime fishing license. 

Alabama Lifetime Fishing License

By purchasing an Alabama Fishing License, you are being a tremendous asset to the state economy and their wildlife efforts. You are ensuring that the state is able to provide conservation education to many generations of Alabama residents and helping them make sure that all of their lakes, rivers, and streams remain as pristine as possible for many years to come. Moreover, there are many other advantages to having a lifetime Alabama fishing license. If you want to apply for an Alabama lifetime fishing license, you should definitely consider some of these unique advantages: 

It will go with you. 

Really, it’s pretty self-explanatory. A lifetime Alabama fishing license means exactly that. It’s a lifetime, and even if you need to move out of state, the Alabama fishing license will go with you and always be valid. If you own a lifetime license, about the only thing you are required to do in the state of Alabama would be to apply for a daily permit to fish at any of Alabama’s freshwater lakes and rivers. 

You will get added benefits as well. 

If you hold a lifetime Alabama fishing license, you will also have the added benefit of being automatically enrolled in a Wildlife Heritage License. This means that you will automatically be able to do the following: 

Hunt any small game except for water fowl on Alabama’s Wildlife Management Areas

Be able to shoot on any ADCNR public shooting range 

Fish on any state-owned public fishing lake (you will still need a daily permit) 

Be able to do freshwater fishing with hooks in all of Alabama’s 67 counties 


As you can see, there is an immense amount of benefits to getting a fishing license in Alabama. Simply put, this state loves outdoorsmen! You can go to Outdoor Alabama for more information on all of the requirements you will need to fulfill before taking advantage of the great natural spots in this state. 

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