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Daiwa BG 2500 Review

Fishing in wide-open seas and vast lakes require confidence—something that the Daiwa BG 2500 can deliver in spades.

This Daiwa BG 2500 review tells you all the ways you can reel in some serious catch with this particular product.

Not only is it a well-put-together reel, but its specs also suggest that it can provide years of good service.

Daiwa BG 2500 Review

Daiwa’s BG 2500 is the latest version of an old favorite, the Black Gold, which has been on the market since the ‘80s.

While it shares a similar name to the older models and basically has the same alloy spool, it’s easy to tell apart from its counterparts.

The way things are looking, there’s also a good chance the newer BG reels will match the old ones in terms of reliability and durability.

Using this reel alongside other high-quality reels, like Daiwa’s very own Certate 3000, will show you just how well the BG delivers.

Give the little BG some serious competition, and you get a sense of its true capability in the water.

Depending on the rod type and the conditions you’re fishing in, other reels might outperform the BG 2500.

For instance, if you’re supplying the reel on a light jigging rod under conditions that don’t allow you to venture too far from shore, then our little BG might not be of much use.

Still, you may see your luck turn by mounting the BG on a soft bait rod.

If you’re restricted to fishing inshore, then switching from the jigging rod to the soft bait rod might account for some decent catches.

Daiwa’s BG 2500 is nice and smooth and has excellent drag.

It’s quite sharp, too, though you’ll want to be careful when placing it on the rod rack. The paint on the rotor can wear a bit since it’s painted graphite.

On the other hand, the reel body is anodized, so it’s pretty sturdy and long-lasting.

It holds the features of some of Daiwa’s pricier spinning reels, like the rotor brakes, a superb carbon drag system, and the Air Rotor.

It lacks the Air Bail, though, and has a bail arm made of stainless steel wire in its place.

As far as looks go, the cut and ported BG aluminum pool looks sharp. It also delivers well with its large-diameter arbor designed with a reverse taper ideal for braided lines.

Overall, you’ve got quite an impressive reel here. Whether you’re going spin or soft bait fishing in saltwater or freshwater, this little reel has got you covered.

Who Is This Product For?

If you’re into spin or soft bait fishing, Daiwa’s BG 2500 is just the reel for you.

While we don’t necessarily recommend it for jigging, with a 5.6:1 retrieve, it can assist in your micro-jigging excursions.

It has a drag that puts out a max of six kilograms that’s silky smooth the entire way.

In situations that limit your fishing inshore, you don’t want to pair the little BG with a jigging rod.

Instead, pair it with a soft bait rod so you can get some excellent retrieves.

What’s Included?

Daiwa’s latest addition to its Black and Gold line holds a ton of great features; some it shares with the brand’s most expensive reels.

It has the Air Rotor, which weighs considerably less than ordinary rotor designs, a high-end carbon drag system, and rotor brakes.

However, it does miss out on the Air Bail and instead has a stainless steel bail arm in its place.

Overview of Features

Looking at the BG, you get the impression that it’s up for a lot more than it looks.

It’s put together outstandingly and has the specs to suggest you’ll be in for many years of great service.

Some of its features include:

  • Digigear System

This current addition to the Daiwa spinning series possesses the biggest drive gear in the brand’s spinning reels’ history.

What’s great about having an oversized gear is the strength that it offers. It also retrieves smoothly, increases gear-tooth points of contact, extends gear life, and boosts torque.

  • Drive Chain

A non-remarkable feature is the drive chain, which basically consists of a machine-cut brass pinion and cast-zinc main gear.

The gear is large in proportion to the reel size, which gives it extra strength.

The gear train is also smooth, supported, and properly aligned.

  • Machined Aluminum Body and Cover

The little BG’s machined aluminum housing and housing cover provide strength and internal stability.

Daiwa had the reel body and body cover black anodized to boost durability in terms of scratch and corrosion resistance.

This process of anodization improves adhesion to the aluminum, preventing chipping or peeling like a painted surface.

  • Air Rotor

Weighing up to 15 percent less than ordinary rotors, the BG Air Rotor doesn’t make you deal with any unnecessary weight while fishing.

In addition to unnecessary weight reduction, its unique shape also helps distribute stress more evenly throughout the rotor for optimized strength.

  • Screw-In Handle

Thanks to Daiwa’s screw-in handle, making it solid, dependable, and easy for changeovers.

There’s also virtually zero movements between the main gear and the handle.

The lack of play between these two parts offers the angler confidence and control when spinning the handle.

  • ABS Spool

The ABS spool has a reversed taper and maximized core diameter that makes it 100 percent usable.

There’ll be no dealing with a “dead” line stuck in deep in the core where this feature is concerned.

This part can be filled with a line right up to the edge of the spool lip without having to worry about tangles.

It also reduces casting friction for easier and longer casting.

The large diameter of the spool flows freely in bigger coils and produces fewer line memory issues.

A smaller spool diameter entails the line flowing in tighter coils.

  • Waterproofing and Rust Resistance

The BG reel isn’t waterproof, but the drag is protected enough that it should be able to withstand the occasional spraying and after-excursion washdowns.

It has seven standard ball bearings that are resistant to rust but not as shielded as the ones used in Daiwa’s higher-end products.


  • Black anodized machine body and side cover
  • Oversized digigear
  • Easy to control
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • Not ideal for jigging
  • The handle doesn’t fit as well for the right-hand retrieve

How To Get the Most Out of It

Like most reel types, the Daiwa BG 2500 is known to perform better in the scenarios it’s designed for, like deep lake and open-sea fishing.

If you’re fortunate enough to own one of these lightweight reels, make sure to pair it with either a spinning or soft bait fishing rod.

These are the kinds of rods that can unlock the BG’s true potential.

This Daiwa BG review maintains that the optimal performance of the BG occurs far from shore.

However, in case the weather doesn’t allow you to venture too far from shore, just mount the reel on a soft bait rod, and you’ll be good to go for some inshore angling.

Also, should you be interested in doing some micro-jigging, the reel’s 5.6:1 retrieve should allow you to do that with little effort.


A more affordable alternative to Daiwa’s latest Black and Gold number is the Hunter’s Tail Fishing Reel.

It delivers almost just as well as the BG in all areas for less than half the price.

To make this Daiwa BG 2500 review more objective and comprehensive, let’s look at what this option can offer.

Hunter’s Tail Fishing Reel

The things you’d expect from this reel include:

  • Exceptional Spinning Reel Performance

This reel’s anti-reverse switch has been tested by authorities to have a working life of over one hundred thousand times.

Talk about an unmatched spec in terms of fishing reel performance.

  • Great Gear Durability

With a 5.2:1 gear ratio, this reel guarantees some fast-speed fishing.

It also has awesome durability that’s about twice as high as the trade standards.

This particular spinning reel is built solidly, with high performance suitable for amateur and advanced anglers alike.

  • Powerful Design

To prevent fishing line breakage, this reel has a pressure relief button.

The button works to control the pressure of the shaft during large fish struggles.

This makes it particularly great for freshwater excursions.

The Verdict

This Daiwa BG review concludes that BG 2500 is indeed an awesome reel that delivers in terms of strength, durability, and smoothness.

Although it’s not necessarily designed for jigging excursions, supply it on a soft bait rod, and you should have a decent micro-jigging experience!

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