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Ugly Stik Elite Review

Fishing is not easy, but with the right tools in your arsenal, your chances of catching a big catch become all the more possible.

Ugly Stik is a popular name in the fishing industry.

It is a trusted brand known for its durable and versatile products that typically last a long time.

In this Ugly Stik Elite review, we will show you why this spinning fishing rod is an excellent choice for all types of anglers.

Ugly Stik Elite

If you read Ugly Stik Elite reviews online, you will find that most anglers sing praises for this spinning rod.

As its name implies, Elite is one of Ugly Stik’s premium quality fishing rods.

It is available in various sizes and rod power, with the same durability you can expect from other Ugly Stik products.

Who Is This Product For?

The Ugly Stik Elite is suitable for all anglers, whether novice or pro. Depending on your needs, you can also choose between a spinning or a casting rod.

Either way, it is an all-around versatile rod that you can use to catch small and large fish.

With all of its features, it is the perfect fishing buddy to bring along in your adventures.

What’s Included?

Buyers of Ugly Stik Elite rods may receive a single piece or a two-part rod, depending on their preferred version.

Overview of the Features

Having a hard time finding Ugly Stik Elite reviews that are detailed enough? We’ve got your back.

Below, we will check what this rod’s primary features are to help you determine how you can benefit from it.

So, how good are Ugly Stik rods, really?

  • Ease of Use

Ugly Stik is all about providing comfort to its consumers. As such, this flexible rod is designed to be compatible with all kinds of fishing lines, making it easy to use.

It’s a dependable rod with easy-to-grip cork handles, too, allowing you to go on an extended fishing trip with less fatigue.

  • Improved Durability

Ugly Stik is famous for its durable products, and the Elite boasts of a sturdy graphite rod blank for excellent strength.

It has sturdy hooks and enhanced stainless steel guides that add to the rod’s balanced performance.

The durable stainless steel guides used in the Ugly Stik Elite casting rod is similar to what you can see on the Elite spinning rods.

Moreover, it is also fitted with Ugly Stik’s signature Clear Tip design for sensitivity. This feature helps improve the rod’s efficiency in detecting bites from small and shy targets.

Several positive Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod reviews also promise that the pole is resistant to bending. It will take a lot of pressure before it breaks.

  • Impressive Versatility

There are various fishing methods, so the manufacturer offers both the Ugly Stik Elite casting rod and the spinning pole. 

It’s also suitable for fresh or saltwater fishing and with plastic lures or live baits.

This allows you to catch a wide variety of fish using a single rod.

  • Power

The Elite fishing rod is packed with a lot of power, allowing you to use it in big-game fishing. It can handle a lot of pounds without breaking.

It’s a fast-action rod, which means that it can recover at the same speed, eliminating chances of bending as you retrieve your catch.

The Ugly Stik Elite fishing rods have more graphite components than the GX2, giving it more strength and durability.

Lastly, all Ugly Stik fishing rods are covered by a seven-year warranty and sold at an affordable price.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy yet flexible
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has the right amount of sensitivity


  • Soft guides may groove easily
  • Rough usage may break the rod

How to Get the Most Out of It

The Elite is yet another Ugly Stik innovation that carries the brand’s notable characteristics.

This video shows you why this rod is so popular among anglers.


To have something to compare the Elite to, here is another worthy option for you to check.

The Fiblink Three-Piece Spinning Rod has a portable design divided into three parts that easily fit inside a durable case.

The solid carbon fiber composite material used for its construction offers enhanced sensitivity and toughness.

You will also find that the stainless steel guides have ceramic inserts. These guides are perfectly spaced, so the fishing line flows without any friction and provides excellent casting ability.

The aluminum reel seat and stainless steel hood are corrosion-resistant, so it’s okay to expose them to the elements.

It also has durable EVA handles that offer an all-day comfortable grip.

Unfortunately, since it’s a three-piece rod, some claim that the parts are either too small or too big, making it hard to fit well.

The reel seat also had some rough edges that can cut your finger if you are not aware and careful.


1. Is the Ugly Stik Elite worth it?

More than a few Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod reviews consider this a great product compared to other models from the same brand.

Apart from its reasonable price-point, it also looks good and offers comfort to the user even if used for long periods.

The rod is well-made using premium-quality materials and can perform surprisingly well at any given time or scenario.

2. Are Ugly Sticks made in USA?

Ugly Stik products are manufactured in China and distributed by the Ugly Stik USA.

Like other brands, it has outsourced its manufacturing processes to China, allowing it to offer its products at a competitive price.

3. How good are Ugly Stik rods?

The brand name Ugly Stik is synonymous with durability in the fishing industry.

You can expect each product to perform well according to its intended purpose.

This famous brand offers numerous rod options, depending on an angler’s preference, fishing techniques, or surroundings.

It’s the only company that offers a seven-year warranty on their fishing rods, which shows its confidence in its products.

Is the Ugly Stik Elite a Good Rod?

This household brand name has a lot of experience when it comes to manufacturing different fishing equipment.

This Ugly Stik Elite review proves that expertise, as seen in the fantastic features this rod has to offer.

The features of the Elite compared to other models from Ugly Stik and even the alternative product we have shown proved to be beneficial and enjoyable for many anglers.

The Ugly Stik Elite has the characteristics preferred by newbies and professionals alike. Knowing what spinning rods are good for may help you understand the good qualities of the Elite better.

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