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Best Lizard Plastic Bait

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Best Lizard Plastic Bait

Hand-poured plastic baits are a popular choice for those serious bass anglers. These are popular tournament baits, particularly during the spawn. If you want to find a lot of success during your fishing adventure, plastic lizard baits can be the best option for you. But which plastic bait is the best? How do you choose the right lizard bass bait? By breading on, you can learn all about lizard plastic bait and how to use these items.

Which lizard bait is the best? There are a lot of factors to consider, but a great option to look at is the ARTIFICIAL BAIT THE BIG ZILLA THE 10 INCH LIZARD WITH AMAZING MOVEMENT.

What are Lizard Plastic Bass Baits?


If you’ve never heard of lizard plastic bait, you may be curious about this choice. These are creature baits that look like real lizards. The lifelike movements of the tail and legs can quickly draw the attention of the bass. This is an especially popular bait option during the springtime, which is when bass are spawning. These can be used in other situations, but you will get the most success when the bass are bedding.

You can use lizard bait to catch bass all year long, though the pre-spawning time and the spawning time are the best. During the springtime, soft plastic lizard baits can be the most effective. The larger bass will see it go near their spawning babies and will do what they need to in order to protect them. They will attack the bait and you can successfully catch your fish.

Choosing the Best Lizard Plastic Bait

Before getting into which lizard bait is the best option for you, choosing the right one is very important. One of the most important parts of selecting bait is choosing the right color. Baits tend to come in a variety of different colors, so it helps to know which one will get you the best results. The 3 most important colors to have are a dark color, a watermelon-like color, or a green pumpkin color

When the fishing water is clear, watermelon red is the preferred choice. This makes it easier for the fish to see this bait in the water. Other options may tend to be too translucent for the fish to see, meaning that you won’t get any bites. So if the water is perfectly clear, this is the best option.

Another popular color is “green pumpkin”. If the water is a little stirred up, making the water somewhere between clear and dirty, then this color is a better option. It’s a more opaque color, which has green and orange tones to it. This makes it a great option for in-between water, allowing the fish to better see the bait in less than ideal water conditions.

The last option that you have is dark color lizards. This is the ideal choice when you are working with dirty water. 

Having bait that comes in these different colors can make fishing a lot easier for you. It’s always good to have several options on hand when fishing so that you can increase your chances of catching bass.

As far as size goes, people have their own preferences as to which option works best for them. Some prefer larger bait while others like the smaller options. This can come down to your personal preference or the type of bass fishing setup you are working with.

The Best Bait Option

Which lizard bait is the best? There are a lot of factors to consider, but a great option to look at is the ARTIFICIAL BAIT THE BIG ZILLA THE 10 INCH LIZARD WITH AMAZING MOVEMENT. One of the best things about this bait is that you can select a wide variety of colors, ensuring that you have the perfect bait for any fishing conditions. These are larger bait options, coming in 10-inches, but they are also scented which can help them be more effective when catching bass. This bait comes in a 6-pack, offering a great deal on quality bait.

Another great feature of this specific bait is that it offers amazing natural movement. This realistic movement makes it very attractive for the fish, increasing the chances of you getting the bites you want. This product was specifically designed to offer the best results for the customer. Every bait is custom-made and hand-packed, ensuring this bait meets high standards of quality that gets bass anglers the best results. 

This bait has been tested under a variety of conditions, which gives you confidence that when you trust this brand for your next fishing trip you are going to get great results.

Best Plastic Lizard Setup

Now that you know how to choose the best plastic lizard bait, you want to make sure that you use the best setup to boost your chance of success. This section will take a quick look at the different setups and gear that you can choose from.

Texas Rigged Lizard (With Weight)

This type of setup works well with fishing along a grassy bank or a shoreline with vegetation because it allows the bait to just float towards the bottom to attract the bass. This doesn’t require a lot of movement, just enough movement to make the bait look like it’s moving in the water. This movement mimics the look of the lizard going to eat the spawning babies, causing the bass to attack.

Texas Rigged Lizard (No Weight)

The weight in the other setup helps the fish float down naturally as if it’s attacking the babies. But without the weight, the bait in this setup just hovers in the top water. This makes it look like the lizard is looming over the spawning area, planning its attack. The bass will get territorial and attack the lizard to save their babies and spawning area.

Texas Rigged (Thick Vegetation)

Some areas just have a lot of vegetation that you have to work with. Punching through this with the lizard bait can be more difficult, but it can be done. This allows the bait to float just under the vegetation.

Carolina Rigged

The Carolina rig option is excellent when trying to catch offshore bass or if you are dealing with sandbars. Using a weight, this setup has the weight drag along the bait behind it. This can allow the bait to have an appearance of fluttering higher up, enticing the bass to come up for your setup.

The Right Gear

Fishing relies on you having the right gear in order to get the best results. If you are using plastic lizard baits, you first want to make sure that you have the right gear. The gear will be very dependent on your style of fishing. Typically, you would go with a baitcasting or spinning rod when fishing with lizards. Some people prefer to use spinning gear when going with weightless setups. Then, when working with vegetation that requires punching, they prefer to swap over to their baitcasting setup. 

At the end of the day, you want to work with gear and setups that you are used to using because that’s your personal preference. But, these setups and gear suggestions can help if you haven’t found much success in the past. 


The advice here will also help give you have more success on your next fishing trip. Bass fishing can be a great way to relax or have a great time with your friends or family. To make the most of your trip, you need to be sure that you have the best tools to get better results on your fishing trip. Your fishing setup is really only as good as the bait you are using. The Big Zilla lizard bait is an excellent option that can increase your chances of catching bass.

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