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PB Trout caught at Lake Mead Recreation Area -Willow Beach

Our goal was to get out to Willow beach before the Ranger got there because if we did that, we wouldn’t have to pay to get in so we got to the National Park.

So we got there and I think it must have been about 6:30 or 6:45. Before the Ranger gets there, so we got there about 6:30, and then what Lorin? we have two trolling motors and two batteries and we’re, probably gonna need both we decided that come back and get the other battery later in the morning.

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Our boat we took, it’s, just a pelican. It’s, a fishing boat, but it’s. A pelican brand Scorpio.

Yes, so we just pulled it out of the water drain, the water out of it. We found a little spot to it drain the water out, you know, get everything going. We discovered that there was some trout in the water in the shallow area.

It looked to me like lorin was really interested in staying there and fishing for those trout, and I was more interested in trolling. So you just have to know Lauren, but he that he enjoys getting off by himself.

So when I asked him if he’d mind if I go troll around a little bit, I’ll, come back again you that, and so was I and we did that till about eleven o’clock or something when we, I think it was. I think it was like 11 or 11:30 because I, what’s, going on here right about noon, and so I dropped Loren off at the bank and then there’s, a historic site right there too.

It’s on the other side of the 53 marker four hours, so it’s about 12:30 Nevada time. Excuse me: it’s, 11:30 Nevada time 12:30 Here in Arizona, and been fishing, I’ve been trolling. Most of the morning, my son Lorin, and I dropped him off at one of the beaches.

He wanted to see if he can get some trout over there. So I just been here trolling by myself and got my little electric motor here and let me switch you around got my little electric motor here and my two poles out.

One with a big bait was a little bait and we’re gonna see what we can do here. Haven’t had any bites at all. Today it’s been a beautiful day, though quite nice fun, fun. Little outing, I’m gonna head back there.

Where Lauryn is, I’ve been gone for about a half an hour, gonna head back and pass by him and see how he’s, doing make sure he’s. He’s all good. Hopefully, I can hook on to a striper today, cuz I’m hungry.

I’m hungry, better, be a big striper cuz I’m pretty hungry. I just saw some fish down there anyway. I gotta watch out for these rocks over here. There’s, some bushes and rocks sticking up out of the water eggs.

To make sure I’m not running into him. I need to get me a little mirror from my visor. So I can see behind me when I’m trolling, either that or get a seat, but the way this boat works when there’s, only one person in it, it’s best to stay right here in the middle.

On the middle seat. cant really show it to you, but try to stay here on the middle seat it balances out better. That way anyway, I’m out for now just thought. I’d. Give you a little hello, see Mike it was hours, but I think it was hours invested because I killed the battery pretty much.

She was pretty much dead by the time you got back and then I thought I was gonna. Have I’m? Getting back to where Lauren was because I had gone downstream, a little bit got downstream a little bit, and I was concerned that I might not be able to get back up to him because of my battery, so after through a couple of hours of trolling, he came back, Saw that actually caught one of those trout that was definitely playing mind games on me.

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I discovered that in the certain area that the trout were swimming around, that’s was like a breeding ground for trout, and I found all the and anyway they are. They were messing with me for two hours. I was getting worried that I wasn’t going to get anything finally got my shot where that area swam out – and I was little hiding spots – Oh overall, a pretty good fishing experience.

I caught my personal best rainbow trout. Yes, I think it’s, at least about three. I think so. Yeah, it’s, a pretty big, pretty big pig. I’m very proud of myself. I was struggling there for at least one of us just had such a great time fishing.

I had a great time fishing with the puffs here we can edit that part out guess so. Lauren cut his personal best and I got today to get a bite, but I sure had a lot of yeah. You get out on a boat and you’re away from people and this out there in the world solitude.

You know solitude out there and it’s, so beautiful really nice day it was cold. It was cold most of the day, the middle of the, especially if he were in the Sun but other than the cold, which I mean it’s winter, so would even putting expect, but we had a really good time.

I’m so glad we did it. We spent the whole day it’s. Sun is going down, go, get somebody [ Music ]! That’s, our trip, unless [ Music ] the boat worked out great. It was the first time we had it out. The only thing I learned is up and half carry an extra battery around with me because when that battery goes, it goes pretty you guys should know is that, after that battery went out, I had to paddle us all the way back to locally.

Luckily it was downstream, but the water wasn’t moving very fast at all so more hours, probably just trying to try to float Loren paddled us back. It’s, a little bit of a struggle, but a good time.

So next time I’ll have a second battery that way, which kind of debating whether we should take that second battery. But now I know two is one, and one is now his motive anyway. I guess we’ll sign out thanks for listening.

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