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Option 1 – How to make a PVC “Gear Head” track adapter for kayak fishing


How to make your own gearhead out of PVC and toilet bolts this week on kayak ax when you look at one of these gear heads
there's really nothing to it it's really just one of these bolts in the bottom and it screws down to lock into the
utility track so why not make this right out of PVC and we can all you need is some saran wrap a couple toilet bolts be
sure you get the kind from a Home Depot if you only have a choice between Home Depot and Lowe's because these do not
have the washer already attached if the washer is already on here you're going to have to cut that off and
unfortunately that's the kind that Lowe's sell so go get these from Home Depot the benefit of using toilet bolts
is that the nut that comes with these guys is much larger and Sirte than a standard quarter-inch 20 nut that you
would get just with a round screw drill a pilot hole in the back of the end cap you want to use a smaller drill bit than
the 5/16 bit that matches the size of these bolts because this will tend to skate across the end cap but if you do a
little pilot hole it will give it something to grab on okay now the purpose of the saran wrap
is to put that on top of the bolt and protect the threads of the bolt from either the epoxy or the repair putty
because what we're going to do is we're going to stick that through then I'm going to grab one of the nuts and I'm
going to gently screw that on until the top of the bolt is even with the top of the nut like so now what this happened
is I've got saran wrap right around in there and that's going to protect the threads from the epoxy then it's a
matter of pulling it down and I like when you're doing the epoxy you know school or Knox is wrap this around
tightly and put a cable tie around it to protect the threads from the next step I'd like using this gorilla glue because
it sets in five minutes although even though it sets in five minutes you're going to have to let this dry at least
for 24 hours because the depth of the epoxy is so thick now another school hard knocks lesson is don't try and mix
this up separately rather just pour it right inside here get the right amount in and then just mix it up right in here
and we'll take my little finger and just kind of rub it over the top of the bolt just to clean off any epoxy now in
school hard knocks let's rub around here and clean up any of the exposed threads now the challenge is where to hang this
so the it stays vertical while this dries and what I do is I put it inside one of my screwdriver holders on the
pegboard the bolt goes through there easily and this is going to keep it in a perfectly vertical position while the
epoxy sets up and settles now the other way to do this is to use the repair putty and if I make a big worm out of it
and the same drill I put the saran wrap on top of the toilet bolt it'll take my worm and run it around now with this
since the putty is holding everything in place the only trick is to keep it vertical and what I like to do is put it
on the top of a drawer and then shut the drawer to hold it stable let me show you how these things work first if you're
using a 5/16 bolt don't panic when you try and stick it on because it's not going to go if you try and stick it on
around the threads you have to pull up on it and then it slides in easily and now you can see that the head
is not turning allowing me to spin my piece of PVC down on top of the track and that's locked in tight and that's
not going to go anywhere if you use a quarter-inch bolt you don't have to do the upward pull it'll slide in easily
once you've got it installed just a matter of getting the appropriate connector thread to thread I can put
that on and I'm ready to go I can build whatever I want on top of that and that is nice and solid I can continue to
tighten down on it if I decide I need to actually once you get this thing done it'll work just like a gear head and you
can pull it in and out attached to your connecting piece so hope you like this tip save some bucks make your gear heads
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