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Monster Bass Box Price – Free Giveaway


Hey everybody Darren here from, I’m ready to do our next drawing and we needed to do this box opening. So I can get it out to you, so you guys can see what we’re gonna give away this time it’s, a monster bass box.

If any of you are signed up for this, I think this was either June’s or July’s, that I got online and ordered another one. That’s what we’re gonna give away this time, so just gonna go through these and show you what’s in it.

Okay, the first thing that came out is a monster bass sticker that’s, pretty cool that’s, pretty nice. I like that sticker anyway, so we got a monster bass sticker. Coming out now, we got some finesse, ned rig jig heads, oh yeah cool.

Monster Bass Box Price – Free Giveaway

These are ned rigs ones. If you take a look real close, you’ll see they’re flat on the bottom. You can put your little worm on there and these are finesse from z, man, z, man, ned rigged, jig heads next, one we have is some lifted fishing.

These are called eyeball heads and these are looks like jig heads with a large hook and if you see real, close right there a screw base, so you can screw a worm in on that one. So it & # 39, stay stuck to it, and these are the l-shaped jig heads.

Let’s, see they’re 1/ 8 ounce and those other jig heads are, I think they’re, an eighth as well. It’s, a five-pack and it probably says on it, but I can’t read it. It’s way too small. I think they’re probably an eighth as well would be my guess.

So you have the z-man and the lifted jigs and the sticker. Now. This is different. Some Liquid Mayhem, look at that some scent some shad scent, and this is made with real shad fish attractant, and this is from liquid mayhem and the fish can’t resist it.

So you’ll get a tube of that opens up here on the bottom. You can put that on your baits ooh. Here we go this one… Let’s see. This is called the Spooltec lure and it’s got a steel leader inside and the way I understand it.

Although I haven’t ever used this, you see how it’s split in the middle there when the fish hits it splits in half um the steel leader deploys after the hookup, and that fish I think, splits up and rides Up the line so that you’re, not dealing with that too, never used that before somebody tell me how that works.

If you like, those, that is from spool tech, lures naturalize head shake, prevent lure damage, and use lighter line and leader. Okay, now you got those jig heads, so you’re going to need some of these. These are your z-man 10 times tough ned rig finesse TRD drew’s, craw worms they’re, the short ones good for the ned rigs.

So you’re gonna get that I think you can see it better. If I put it that way, drew’s, craw is the color they got right here says they’re, durable catch, more fish with these, of course, everything right and you got the ned rig jig heads Right there, too, that came in this same box.

Last but not least, these are from 13 fishing. I think we had some of these before in another giveaway, but these are ninja craws, with some donkey sauce on them. There you go ninja cross with some donkey sauce.

Those are a decent size. You see my hand there in front of them ninja craws. Does it say what color? I guess that’s, the uh, that is the color, the ninja craw number 23 boss, nugget, okay, so one two three four five, six of those in there from 13 fishing all right again, this giveaway is not sponsored by anybody.

It’s, just, my company. We’re the ones that are putting this together for you guys, so that’s, the giveaway for this next giveaway we’re. Starting now, we started a couple of days ago actually, but we don’t have too many people signed up for this one yet so start now on your mark.

Get set – go. When we get 100 subscribers for this giveaway, then we’ll, go ahead and give it out to you that’s, going to come pretty quickly. My guess is a week and a half to two weeks so start now today is what Tuesday, starting now and we’ll.

Give that away here coming up pretty soon. All right, thanks for being here check it out. If you’re on this, video and you have not signed up, how do you do it go into the description below you’re going to see a link, just click, the link signs you up.

If you stay signed in then you’re signed, you’re, signed up for this giveaway and you’re signed up for all the giveaways afterward, as well.

So just stay on my email list and tell you when we’ve given away five different things so far, and we’re just doing them back to back to back right after one right after the other, so uh. If you do sign up and you should be receiving emails from me, if you’re, not receiving them, make sure you go in and open your email and make sure it’s, not in your spam box.

Otherwise, how are you going to know if you want if I email you and you don’t respond to me by the way, pretty soon we might be having another uh giveaway coming up because one of the ac plugs that we gave away to Mong mong if you’re listening uh, you have an email.

You have three emails from me. Man, go open up your emails and respond to me because in a few days couple more days, if we don’t hear back from you Mong, I’m gonna have to go ahead And give it to somebody else: we’ll, we’ll just do another giveaway and give that away all right.

You have to be signed up to get it, though, and you have to answer your email. When I send you an email and says you won so uh make sure you go in there and check and see if you & # 39, ve been getting my emails and if you have open one up and make sure it’s, not in Your trash holder, or something all right, that’s; it Darren fishing money out,

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