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Journey 10 SS Kayak Review

Buying a kayak for fishing can be a bit tricky. That is why we’ve put together this Journey 10 SS Kayak review.

We know the choices are overwhelming, so we took it upon ourselves to make things easier for buyers.

We’ll focus on the Journey 10 SS by Sun Dolphin, which is affordable, feature-filled, and performs extraordinarily on the water.

Let’s check out what makes this kayak one of the best in its price range. 

Journey 10 SS Kayak Review

Being one of the pioneer manufacturers of fishing kayaks, Sun Dolphin definitely knows what makes or breaks a kayak for fishing.

This expertise clearly shows in the Journey 10 SS, which is one of their best kayaks to date.

In this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 review, we’ll be showing you exactly what makes the Journey 10 stand out.

This kayak is the perfect size for picking up and maintaining speed. It’s just the right size for setting the ideal pace and rhythm in the water.

Performance-wise, it doesn’t get any better than Sun Dolphin’s Journey 10 SS.

You get an extremely versatile kayak with a stable foundation that remains reliable even as your weight shifts from one end of the canoe to the other.

Whether you’re fishing in lakes or rivers, this kayak can take you to all the perfect fishing spots with little trouble.

Your concern for stability soon becomes a non-issue once you experience the capabilities of this canoe.

While this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 review maintains that paddling ease is one of the product’s strong suits, it has been found that the kayak does exhibit some tracking issues.

In terms of storage, you have plenty of options. Many have also dubbed the Journey 10 SS as the angler’s kayak.

That is due to the wide range of fishing perks it offers, like paddle holders, flush mount rod holders, and a swivel fishing holder.

Sun Dolphin also put all the stops where safety and comfort were concerned.

Combine this with the kayak’s storage options and unmatched stability, and you have the perfect canoe to take you to all your favorite fishing spots.

Who Is This Product For?

There’s something so intimate about fishing in a kayak. It keeps you close to the water and the prey you’re after.

The Journey 10 SS, like most kayaks, is more advisable for freshwater fishing than it is for saltwater fishing.

The conditions in lakes and rivers make it so that kayak fishing becomes safer and more ideal for beginners and advanced anglers.

Still, this Sun Dolphin fishing kayak review does not say that you can’t go kayak fishing in the ocean.

It’s just that it would be safer, particularly for newbies, to use the Journey 10 SS in calmer, less unpredictable waters.

What’s Included?

A lot of the extras that come with the Journey 10 SS come in the form of storage.

At its back, you’ll see a portable accessory carrier for all the things you might require later in your trip.

At the front of the kayak is a more accessible section for storing all the things you might need on the spot.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a complete Sun Dolphin fishing kayak review if we didn’t mention the fishing perks.

Both sides of the canoe come with paddle holders in case you want to go all-out on your fishing adventure.

It also has a swivel fishing rod holder and a pair of mount rod holders for a more fulfilling angling experience.

There really is nothing more you could ask for with the kayak’s unmatched stability and storage choices.

Overview of Features

Our Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS review showcases all the best features of this exceptional fishing canoe.

Some of them are:

  • Size and Weight

The Journey 10 SS is as light as fishing kayaks go.

It also has retractable carrying handles that make it easy to transport pretty much anywhere.

Coming in at 10 feet long and two and a half feet wide, the kayak is just the right size to both pick-up and maintain the ideal speed. As such, you’ll feel as stable as possible when fishing.

  • Materials Used

The Journey 10 SS is composed of high-density polyethylene and ultraviolet-stabilized Fortiflex.

This makes it possess one of the ideal materials for its specific purpose.

The material gives the kayak an almost unrivaled resistance to impact and excellent durability.

  • Usability

While lakes and rivers are more than powerful enough to wrestle control away from you, they are nowhere as unpredictable or as powerful as the ocean.

For this reason, if you’re fishing on the Journey 10 SS or any kayak for that matter, you’ll want to stick to the “more manageable” bodies of water.

This Sun Dolphin creation looks and feels like it was made for the calmer water of lakes and rivers.

Nevertheless, it’s also built with the kind of stability to help riders maintain control when maneuvering across rapids or rougher patches of water.

  • Storage Options

Fishing without all your tools can be a nightmare. Whether we’re talking about tools you need on the spot or items you’ll require later in the trip, this kayak has all the storage options to accommodate them efficiently.

The kayak comes with an easily transportable carrier in the back where you can store some essentials.

In its front is a bungee cord storage section, providing easy access to all things you need to have near you.

  • Fishing Perks

This fishing kayak’s perks are definitely worth mentioning time and time again.

The Sun Dolphin Journey 10 SS review shows how “extra” this canoe is with its assortment of holders for an improved fishing experience.

Its swivel fishing rod holder and pair of flush mount rod holders and paddle holders allow you to dedicate yourself fully to fishing in freshwater.

  • Comfort and Protection

You also have well-padded seating, adjustable foot braces, and protective thigh pads that offer all-around comfort and protection as you explore the water.


  • Numerous storage options
  • Easy to transport
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced anglers
  • Excellent stability
  • Tracks and paddles easily


  • Center rod holder removes easily
  • Not ideal for users above six feet

How To Get the Most Out of It

As much as this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Fishing Kayak review maintains this canoe’s greatness for river and lake exploration, its true potential can only be unleashed in an actual fishing scenario.

When you fully dedicate yourself to fishing is when this kayak’s features will benefit you the most.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced at kayak fishing; the Journey 10 SS ensures you a safe and fulfilling excursion.

You also have to make sure that you maintian the kayak well, like proper cleaning and storing, for it to last as long as it’s designed for or maybe more than its expected lifespan.


The BOTE Lono Aero Inflatable Kayak is an option for those who don’t mind putting in a little extra on their fishing adventures.

BOTE Lono Aero Inflatable Kayak

This kayak boasts a bevy of remarkable features, including:

  • Convertible to Paddleboard

The BOTE Store’s Lone Aero Inflatable Kayak performs just as impeccably for fishing as it does for water exploration.

If you aren’t in the mood for an excursion but still want to have fun, convert this inflatable canoe into a stand-up paddleboard.

Just remove the detachable top chamber, and you’re good to go.

  • Portable and Inflatable

Lono uses AeroBOTE technology and converts from an easily transportable travel bag to an easy-to-carry kayak in mere minutes.

  • Multiple Perks

Like the Sun Dolphin Journey 10 fishing kayak review showcased the Journey 10 SS’s slew of amazing features, the Lono also comes with a lot of perks.

These include the sand spear sheath, grab handles, BVA deck pad, D-rings, stash nets, KULA port, rac receivers, and front and rear bungees. 


Even without the Journey 10 SS Kayak review, a simple internet search will tell you of all the good things this canoe can bring to your fishing adventures.

It delivers comfort and performance unheard of for products in its price range.

Plus, it comes with a ton of accessories and various storage options to make room for all your fishing gear and equipment.

Whatever kayak you decide on, we hope this Sun Dolphin Journey 10 Fishing Kayak review was able to take you a step closer to understanding what you need and don’t need in a kayak.

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