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How To Make DIY Trout Bait.

Hey: this is Ethan from make sure you go check it out. Today we’re, making a new custom bait for trout fishing. So let’s, go ahead and get into it. Today we have this little powder bait jar with a variety of different fish.

Food flakes pellets, just a bunch of stuff, and also has some turtle sticks in there as well. So we mixed that up and if you just want to see, we have the flakes. The turtle sticks the there’s, a couple of little betta pellets, and our good mix of it is the koi choice, color plus so anyway.


We have that in this little power bait jar and we’re gonna blend it up because we want to make this into a powder to mix with flour and egg to make our power baits. So let’s, go ahead and dump it in there and blend it up.

Okay, now that’s in there and close this up, make sure it’s nice and tight. We’re gonna press. This button to blend it up: [, Music, ], okay, there we go now we have our powder in there and we’re, going to mix that with flour and egg to make our bait for trout.

So what I have right here is about half of an egg white. I took out the yolk and a little bit of the egg white. This is our powder right here. I’m, just gonna dump it into the egg white and we also need about the same amount of flour that we have of this powder and we have our flour right here.

So if we go ahead and dump that in and we’re just going to start mixing until it turns into a playdough okay, it seems to be just a little bit dry. So I’m gonna go ahead and add a little bit of water.

Okay, now that we have the water in there, I’m just going to keep mixing, get it into the dough, and you get it to this consistency. You could just start using your hands as you want just to knead it sort of like you’re, making pizza dough or bread, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ].

Now that I added more flour, I can tell it’s, a lot less sticky. This is about the consistency that it needs to be just a nice dough. What I did to get it this way. I used more flour than I thought it would need, but that’s.

Alright, you just sort of rip it apart. There’s a little bit of sticky inside when you’re doing it and you rip it apart and get some flour on it and rub it into the sticky part and then just sort of need it so that it has no More sticky and it’s, just sort of a dough that’s, easy to rip a piece off of and roll into a ball just like PowerBait, okay.

So here’s, our dough, I’m just gonna rip. A tiny little piece off and show you that you don’t need a lot of this bait to catch a fish because you only need about that much and it’s. Not gonna float a trout like to eat stuff that’s, not on the bottom-most of the time, so you might want to use a bobber for this bait.

Okay, everybody! There’s. Our bait. We’re ready to go fishing, make sure you go subscribe and like and comment down below and go check out. The blog fish and have a great day. Bye, bye, just a reminder.

It does need to be refrigerated, otherwise it will mold

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