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Country Singer Drew Parker Tells Fishing Stories.

Hello everybody Ethan and Sheldon here from Fishinmoney. Today we have another special thing for you. We got drew Parker, he’s, a country singer, and he makes some really great music.

I actually find this one really exciting because Drew Parker. He’s on my playlist. I know who he is and when I saw him on cameo I was super excited to send him a cameo and see if he could tell us some of his fishin stories.

I figured he’s, a country artist. He’s got to know some fishing stories, so he’s got some fishing stories. First, he’s actually got two fishing stories that he’s, going to tell us, and we’re, really excited to have him as a cameo on our YouTube channel, so check it out, drew Parker fishing money.

What is up, everybody Darren asked me to share a few of my favorite fishing stories I got to so one of them was back in high school. This is kind of a crazy funny story. It’s funny now it wasn’t funny then me and throwing my high school buddies.

We were, we were actually running, noodles fishing for catfish and we had thrown quite a few noodles out. We were just kind of hanging out on the lake just giving him time. You know leaving them out there and we were fishing on the bottom side of a dam that separates Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair in the state of Georgia, and they started pulling water back into the dam.

We were on the bottom side of the dams and they started pulling water back into the dam. Well, they started pulling on both that way and we were like well now. It’d, be a good time for us to pick these noodles up before they get pulled all the way back to the dam, and then we lose them and all that good stuff.

So we go to start picking the noodles up, while the boat would not crank and it slowly started pulling our boat back to the dam. And there was this big tall. This big wire kind of over the lake before you get to the dam and I have a buddy.

He was fishing with us. He’s about 6’4 6’5 and as it’s pulling us to the dam. I’m thinking this whole time that that that that wires, not super high, that he’ll, be able to grab it off the boat and hold us there.

Well, we get to this wire and that thing is 40 50 foot up. No way he’s grabbing it. We start. I start panicking start putting the life jacket on bye, buddy starts putting his life jacket on and we’re, trying to paddle a 17-foot jumbo away from a dam that is just sucking water.

In and pulling us to it anyway. Needless to say, we didn’t get any fish, we didn’t get any noodles, but we saved our lives that night. Luckily, the boat eventually cranked up and we got away from it, but I mean it was after it had pulled us all the way to them.

We’re, holding the boat off the dam with the boat horse. Finally, a cranky it crunk up and we were able to get away anyway. That’s, a funny story, I literally, that was the night. I thought that my life was over.

Another story was actually last year, a friend of mine, who is an incredible bass fisherman I mean probably one of the best bass fishermen. I’ve ever been in the boat with his name, is uh will Hodgins and he actually plays piano for Billy Ray Cyrus.

He is an absolutely phenomenal bass fisherman, but he took me out fishing last year and we wouldn’t call some smallmouth and we caught those smallmouth we caught. Probably I don’t know we probably caught 15 pounds of smallmouth within 30 minutes of being out there fishing and I love the fish.

I haven’t been able to do much of it this year it’s, been raining a lot, not that you can’t fish in the rain, but it’s been raining a lot. I also just had a newborn, so I’ve, been kind of stuck at the house and we’ve, been in quarantine.

So just a lot of stuff going on been out on the road tour and this year. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a singer-songwriter. I have my own music. I’ve, actually written songs for other people, Luke Holmes, Jay Cohen, you can go check out my music, but thanks to Darren for having me hope, you guys enjoy his channel and be sure to subscribe.

Give him some love and Darren. Thanks for having me on here, maybe we can go fishing soon, man, I would love to do that. See you guys see as down the road y & # 39. All have a good one. Isn’t that crazy, guys like when the water was moving like that’s, a crazy story, and he said you know he said that he thought was gonna lose his life that day, which is insane, but I think that it’s, really cool kind of you know, fishing brings us all together, and you know the more that we can share with others our fishing stories and the more that we can bring there being you know each other, together with the sport of fishing.

The better this quarantine will be and the better our lives will be in the long run. So I’m really thankful for Drew Parker for making this cameo for us, and thanks for checking out our video peace, [, Music, ]

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