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Bait Shops In Las Vegas – Here’s the best

Las Vegas, otherwise known as the gambling capital of the world has other exciting activities tourists, visitors, and even locals can engage in apart from partying. While it is very famous for its casinos, and nightlife in general, fishing is another activity that can be enjoyed in the area.

With very beautiful lakes and rivers in the city, you will definitely need the best bait for the best catch. This article discusses one of the best live bait shops in the area, called RICHARD WIGGLER’S BAIT CO.

Who is Richard Wiggler’s Bait CO.? – WebsHere They are a Live bait shop serving Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Live Bait Shop serving Las Vegas

Richard Wiggler’s Bait CO. are “Anglers helping Anglers. Community before currency. Family, Farm, Fish. Your 24/7 source for LIVE BAIT in southern Nevada. The first live bait delivery service of its kind” Call Them any time at (775) 419-2511 They are a family business founded and run by a devoted married couple, Mike and Kozue Maye.

Live Shad For Sale -Use Golden Shiners and Minnows

Being year-round anglers, a native of Nevada, it was easy for them to decide to engage in this business venture. Collectively, they came to the conclusion that they wanted to raise this sustainable farm and stand out as a prominent bait shop in Nevada, among other ventures. So, Richard Wiggler’s Bait CO was born.

What Richard Wiggler’s Bait CO Offers

Live European night crawlers

Fathead minnows

Golden shiner

Black salty jumbo baits, 5-7”

All these can be ordered online round the clock, 24/7 and you shall be attended to without any delays.

Bait vs Lures -Where to buy shad

If you are a novice in the world of fishing, you have probably been at crossroads about what type of baits to use while fishing. More importantly, you have probably come across misconceptions and biased appraisals about any or both of the fishing methods.

There is no straight answer to which of the methods is best, it all depends on factors such as time, place, and purpose for fishing. The reason a shop like Richard Wiggler’s bait CO continuously chooses bait fishing is that protecting the environment is very important and they wouldn’t want to add to the already prevailing quagmire of plastic-filled seas and oceans.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Advantages of using Bait

Bait is extremely effective at attracting fish. Some sweat it is the most effective way.

Its is less costly, and could be completely free if you just catch your own.

Using bait is less technical since most fish automatically hook themselves hence knowing exactly when to set the hook like in lure fishing is not as important.

There’s hardly any waste when it comes to bait fishing because leftovers can be thrown back into the water or frozen for future use.

A wide range of fish can be caught using bait.

Disadvantages of using Bait

Bait smells, your hands, clothes, and entire body will pick up the smell too.

It is less selective, so it tends to pull undesired species or very small fish sometimes.

Going bait fishing requires some planning, no room for spontaneity.

Fishing for your bait can be a very hard and dirty process.

Bait requires special containers and preservation methods in order to maintain its integrity.

Advantages of using Lures

Lures are a lot easier to use.

Lure fishing is safer as it hooks fishes in regions such as the mouth or lip giving an opportunity for them to be thrown back into the water if the fish doesn’t suit you.

Using lures can help you cover a larger water surface area.

Lures generally attract bigger fish with fewer chances of catching a by-product.

Disadvantages of using Lures

Good lures are usually very expensive.

Most fish are more responsive to bait than lures.

Lure fishing requires a lot of movement, from casting the hook to pulling or trolling on a boat.

It is a very technical process unlike bait fishing because as it requires high quality tackle and skill.

Many times the lure is snagged on rocks or trees.

Clearly, to come up with the answer “what is best” is not possible because each of them fits different preferences. Baits are generally used in muddy water, at night, in situations where catching a meal is very important and may enhance your chances of not getting skunked. Meanwhile, lure fishing is done during the day, in warm water, and in water bodies labeled lures only”.

Baiting the Hook

The way you bait your hook matters, and it also depends on the species of bait you are using. In this section, however, we are only going to talk about two types of baits; worms and insects.


Earthworms and manure worms are used in freshwater while bloodworms and sandworms are used in salty water. To efficiently use these organisms, cut them into smaller pieces and use the cut pieces to then thread the hook.

Another way of doing this is by using the hook to pierce the worm in the middle of its body or at different body parts if it is a bigger worm. This way, the worm gets to dangle on either side of the hook.


Insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, and crickets are used as bait to hook these, ensure that you don’t pass the hook through the insect’s body as keeping it alive for as long as possible is very important. Instead, attach one end of a wire to the hook, and then use the other end to wrap around the insect’s body carefully to avoid too much squeezing.

Alternatively, you can attach the hook at the rear end of the insect’s body. This is so that the hook avoids all the organs in the upper section of this bait’s body, hence, keeping it alive for some time.

Live Minnows, Shiners and other bait fish

Be sure and ask when to buy Live Bait from Richard Wigglers bait company and they will be happy to recommend the best way to hook your bait for maximum performance!

What is Fishing Bait

Fishing bait is anything used to lure fish for eventual capture. The bait is typically attached to the hook or fish trap, and once the fish eats it is captured and taken out of the sea. Bait is usually kept in special vessels containing seawater before they are used on hooks or traps to attract fish. Bait can be classified into two categories; natural and artificial bait.

Natural Bait

This is an organism of the same species as the fish or similar species. Examples of live bait that are commonly used are; worms, shrimps, insects, etc. Fishes accept these more easily due to their lifelike nature, odor, and color. They can be used either dead or alive. This bait shop in Nevada specializes in live bait grown from our own Poof Dirt Farms which are sustainable farms in this region.

Artificial Bait

Artificial baits are designed to behave and resemble natural bait or prey. An example of artificial bait is the lure which is one of the most popular methods of artificial bait. Other types of artificial bait include plastic worms, the green highlander used in salmon fishing.


As a novel bait shop in Nevada, this bait shop has so much potential. Surpassing the status quo can only be done by providing state-of-the-art services to clients. This article gives a rundown of what and who Richard Wiggler’s bait company is, and what they are about. The goal is to build a community of like-minded anglers, that will join hands in promoting sustainable practices even while fishing. This article also goes through some other key concepts and misconceptions as far as this sport is concerned. Going through it diligently will definitely help answer some of your questions. Give Richard Wiggler’s bait company a call at (775) 419-2511 You will be greeted with the friendliest service imaginable.

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