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Penn Battle 2 Review

Before you spend your hard-earned money on some expensive fishing gear, check out this Penn Battle 2 review first.

The quality and performance of this rod and reel setup are perfect for both beginners and seasoned anglers.

Read on to learn more about how you can use it to have the best fishing experience.

Penn Battle 2 Review

Penn Battle 2 is the company’s most popular fishing rod and spinning reel combo.

Initially released in August 2014, this mid-tier setup is a dependable contender of models from pricier brands.

Around the same time, the Penn Battle 3 was released, which features a larger spool and rotor. This updated variant boasts added features and a higher price point.

So, if you’re on a budget, the Penn Battle 2 might just be the better choice for you.

Who Is This Product For?

Most anglers cannot buy different types of fishing gear required for a particular species or fishing technique.

They usually look for a high-quality setup at a price point that is within their budget.

The Penn Battle 2 rod and reel combo is suitable for different fishing conditions and techniques.

It’s an all-around setup designed for both fresh and saltwater surroundings, so there’s no need to use a different fishing gear.

Beginners can benefit a lot from using this combo as their first gear. Also, seasoned anglers will have dependable equipment for their fishing adventures.

The Penn Battle 2 offers the durability and construction quality that all kinds of anglers are looking for in their equipment.

This affordable rod and reel setup ensures to get the job done similar to more expensive fishing combos.

What’s Included?

If you decide to buy this spinning rod and reel combo, expect to receive one medium-powered fishing rod at six feet and six inches long.

The package also includes a small spinning reel sized 2000 as part of the combo.

Overview of the Features

The Pen Battle 2 rod and reel combo looks sleek and elegant with its black, gold, and smoke color combination.

It has an improved paint quality to protect it against salt water and other chemicals that may cause it to corrode.

  • The Reel

The front drag reel allows the user to change the settings quickly, even while fishing.

It uses the HT-100 carbon fiber washers. These keyed carbon washers can extend the reel’s lifespan, giving it a smooth performance on the water.

It can increase the drag pressure by 20 percent, as it provides access to either side of the carbon fiber washer.

The reel has an ambidextrous handle, switchable from left to right, depending on the user’s preferred position.

It can be on the heavier side because of its full metal body, rotor, and side plates. Due to the weight, you can be sure that it will not easily bend under pressure.

You will find that it’s equipped with instant anti-reverse technology. This uses a one-way bearing system, removing rotor reversal.

The heavy-duty bail wire is made of aluminum to prevent warping and withstand years of usage.

There are five ball bearings made from stainless steel, adding protection against corrosion due to saltwater.

Added to the Superline Spool are line capacity rings indicating the amount of fishing line left on the reel.

A rubber inlay is also added on the spool so that you can directly load a braided line without a mono backing.

Still, some anglers choose to back up with mono to protect the insides of their spools better.

  • The Rod

The Penn Battle 2 fishing rod features a composite graphite material that offers durability and sensitivity that will not disappoint any angler.

The fishing rod guides are made of aluminum oxide, which provides durability at an affordable price.

The rod’s full handle is made from cork, making it comfortable to hold.

Its six-foot and six-inch length provides a medium-light power and a medium-fast action.


  • Well-balanced
  • Versatile
  • Casts well
  • Reasonably priced
  • Smooth reel performance


  • Weak tip attachment
  • Anti-reverse gear rusted

How To Use This Rod and Reel Combo

Here is a visual representation of the whole Penn Battle 2 series for you to see their upgrades and how they differ from one to the other.

It comes in an open-face reel design with eight different sizes, 1000 being the smallest and the largest at 8000.


If you are looking for a more affordable rod and reel combo, you may want to consider the Plussino Rod and Reel Combo.

This full kit is specially made for beginners and comes complete with a carrying case, which includes the following items:

  • One telescopic fishing rod made from carbon fiber and fiberglass composite materials
  • One size 3000 fishing reel with a collapsible handle
  • Fishing line
  • Various fishing lures
  • Different fishing hooks
  • Additional fishing accessories

Again, it’s a complete set, so you will not need to buy additional items to start your fishing adventure.

The lightweight fishing rod boasts of power and elasticity that can easily handle large-sized fish species.

It has stainless steel guides that are welded with ceramic inserts, too.

With this, you get excellent casting distance as it blows heat accurately and provides durability to different types of fishing lines.

You will also love that it has a superior reel seat made from anti-corrosive CNC machined aluminum, ensuring a sturdy reel base.

The ambidextrous reel handle is also collapsible and has user-friendly features, making it easy to handle even by children.

Also, the extended rod handle has an EVA fore grip that perfectly fits the hand for added comfort.

The dual-colored aluminum spool showcases one-line holes and with various line capacities.

Moreover, its anti-reverse feature ensures that it will not snap back accidentally, which is beneficial when kids use this combo.

The rod and reel combo from Plussino may be a complete set, but seasoned anglers will find that it lacks more substantial accessories.


This Penn Battle 2 review may show a higher price than the alternative product we presented, but you will see their significant differences when it comes to performance.

Having the Penn Battle 2 as part of your fishing arsenal will prove to be worthy of your hard-earned money.

Ensure that you clean and maintain the set after every fishing expedition to prolong its lifespan.

If you want to know when is the best time to buy your fishing gear, we have some useful tips that you might want to check.

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