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Make Money Fishing

OK there are many ways to make money by fishing. But this is going to be by far the easiest way for you to make money.

Once you get this down you can try other ways but if you have never made money online before I am making it as simple as possible.

I am going to give you two ways below. If you are in Instagramer or if you like to take pictures it is as simple as taking a picture of yourself with a fish or an interesting fishing picture and sending it to my email.

Note: if you send me a picture and I pay you for it it, becomes mine and I can use it in whatever way I want. Most likely I will use it on social media or on the site. I will pay five cents per picture. Let it be clear that I am paying only for pictures that I accept.

The other way is by submitting custom made fishing Memes. Again if you submit them to me, and if I pay you for them, then they become mine to use as I desire. Most likely I will brand them and use them on social media or on this site. It’s as simple as emailing them to me I will leave the information below.

I will ask you to give me a short description of each picture or each meme. I will pay .25 cents per meme that is sent to me if I accept it.

Payments can be made by PayPal, cash app, or Facebook messenger. I prefer to do them in batches instead of one at a time so if you plan on participating send me a few not just one.


Make sure To leave a description for the pictures and an email so I can get back to you.

Don’t just send one because it is more work for me one at a time send a few.

Don’t send me 1000 at a time, I’m not a robot I’m a human let’s keep it sensible and we can all get along LOL.

Darren Enns